blue merle female, born 6. 3. 2015, size: 38 cm, stud
registr. number: CMKU/SHE/9963/15
full dention
CEA/PRA/KAT negative 7 weeks
 DNA CEA Carrier, MDR1 +/-
PRA DNA (CNGA1) Non-affected
vWDI N/N Non-affected
HD 0/0, ED 0/0, Patellar subluxation 0/0

shows: Very promising 1,
5 x CAC, Excellent 1,
2 x res. BIS of working class (Humpolec 2018)
titles: Club working champion_KCHCS
Club working champion SHELTIE CLUB CZ
exams: ZVOP, ZZO, ZMMP, ZMP1, ZOP, BH, FPr1, ZZO1, StPr1

dogdancing: MD1, HtM1, F1, DwD1, MD2, HtM2
title MoD1 ( Master of Dogdancing 1)

sport: Sporty dog of the year - KCHCS:
- 1st place in the dogdancing category for 2016, 2017
- 1st place
in the all-round training (obedience) category for 2017